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A self-taught passionate developer Timo Anttila

What is going on in my life right now?


Nokia, Finland

Professional title:

Full Stack Developer
Chief executive officer

Professional life:

Full stack web developer who is passionate about making websites and web stores better, faster and easier to update.

Since beginning my journey as an entrepreneur over seven years ago, I've done remote work for businesses, developed hundreds of customer projects, and created booking calendars and my own ecommerce platform. Also implemented various payment interfaces and REST APIs. Always ready for new challenges.

Technologies I enjoy working with include JavaScript, Nuxt, Vue, React, TypeScript, PHP and MariaDB. Mostly using ProcessWire and WordPress CMS.

Designing and developing experiences that make people's lives simpler. A focus on simplicity, speed, usability, easy update and delight. My goal is to surpass myself and my customers. When the customer feels they have received more than they originally ordered, I succeed.

  • Problem solver, React and WordPress Developer at Quux Oy.
  • Full Stack Developer and owner at Tuspe Design Oy.
  • Developer, technical customer support and shareholder at Ratsukko Solutions Oy.
  • Full Stack Developer, CEO and shareholder at Dataline Group Oy.
  • Member of the Central Electoral Commission of the City of Nokia from 2021 to 2025.
  • Participating in the open source revolution on Github.
  • Developing and maintaining awesome sport platform and several different webshops.
  • Maintaining many servers and being responsible for the security and backup of clients' websites.

Personal life:

  • Learning how to live a real life.
  • Interested in artificial intelligence, the wonders of technology, and human behavior.
  • An avid visitor as well as a volunteer at many events.
  • Investing in stocks, funds and virtual currencies (Shareville / eToro).
  • Watching too many movies and series (Trakt).
  • Playing the mobile game Wild Rift (PahaPoro#EUNE).
  • Proud father of border collie Deli.
  • Nature lover.

Technologies / tools:

  • PHP, Javascript, Vue, Nuxt, Svelte Kit, React, TypeScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB
  • NodeJS + Express, Apache2, NGINX
  • ProcessWire, WordPress, Drupal
  • Visual Studio Code, Github, Gitlab, Postman API Platform, Fork
  • Cloudflare, Joker, Namecheap, Traficom domains
  • Slack, Google Chat, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams


  • Finnish, English


Find me around the web:


Now page is a place to tell where my focus is right now in my professional and personal life. If activities or priorities change, I'll update this page accordingly. Inspired by nownownow project.