Timo Anttila

Timo Anttila

The active CEO of Tuspe Design Oy, a digital agency that provides solutions for websites, stores and applications, and the chairman and CTO of Ratsukko Solutions Oy, a company that promotes the riding hobby and offers modern solutions for booking courses.

Finns Party municipal election candidate in Nokia.
Vote for number 2!

What is going on in my life right now?


Nokia, Finland

Professional title:

Full Stack Developer
Chief executive officer
Chief technology officer
Server Administrator

Professional life:

Full stack web developer who is passionate about making websites and webstores better, faster and easier to update. Technologies I enjoy working with include JavaScript, Svelte, PHP, NodeJS and MariaDB. Mostly using ProcessWire CMS for all the new projects, but I know my way with Wordpress and Drupal too. I love my job, but I would like to focus on the front end and develop my Vue skills in the future.

Always want to surpass myself and my customers. When the customer feels they have received more than they originally ordered, I succeeded.

  • Designing and developing experiences that make people’s lives simpler. A focus on simplicity, speed, usability, easy update and delight.
  • Working at Tuspe Design Oy as a full stack developer and developing its business as a owner.
  • Partner and chief technology officer at Ratsukko Solutions Oy.
  • Partner and chief chief executive officer at Dataline Group Oy.
  • Subcontractor for Molentum Oy.
  • Maintaining many servers and being responsible for the security and backup of clients’ websites.
  • Finns Party municipal election candidate in Nokia. Vote for number 2!
  • Participating in the open source revolution on Github.

Personal life:


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Svelte, JQuery
  • PHP, SQL, NodeJS, Express
  • ProcessWire, Drupal, Wordpress
  • MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite


  • Finnish, English


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Now page is a place to tell where my focus is right now in my professional and personal life. If activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page accordingly. Inspired by nownownow project.