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Living, learning, & leveling up one day at a time. Web Developer, adventurer and photographer.
Timo Anttila

Hi, I'm Timo. Nice to meet you.

38-year-old web developer from Rauma, Finland. Making websites and online stores for living. In my spare time, I try to entertain people with the gaming videos I make to YouTube and I actively study new ways to make money, human behavior and the world's major religions. During the summers I sailing.

Always looking new oppertunities and I'm available for remote work - if you would like to build something together, get in touch? Small or big - I got your back!

I also love taking pictures of animals, nature and people. The best way to keep up with my latest work is through Instagram. Follow along @tewdin.

Photographer Timo Anttila



Tuspe Design (2745877-5)

Apr 1, 2016 →

Tuspe is a small business dedicated to making great websites at low cost.

Creating responsive websites and web stores which are beautiful, easy to use, and loved by Google. Helping clients to enhance their business by providing solutions that leverage the latest web technologies and services. Small or big - I got your back!

ProcessWire, PHP, Svelte, JQuery, MariaDB, Apache2, NGINX, SQL

CEO / Fullstack Developer / Partner

Dataline Group Oy (2354053-6)

Aug 7, 2017 →

Web stores and sport platforms for companies, clubs and communities. Specialize in making interfaces to Lemonsoft. We are using Tuspe's web shop platform for all new customers.

ProcessWire, Wordpress, PHP, SQL

Fullstack Developer / Partner


Aug 22, 2018 →

Ratsukko booking system is a specialized booking calendar for riding schools and horse stables. It is created and designed together with stable entrepreneurs and Tuspe Design which is spesialized on web shops creation and development. Using Ratsukko is a strong benefit for both, the stable and the riders.

ProcessWire, PHP, SQL


Tuspe Webshop

A very versatile e-commerce platform for domestic and international sales. Updating and adding products is very easy. No restrictions on products or languages. I develop the platform according to customer needs.

Supported Payment Services: Bambora, Checkout, Klarna, Paytrail, Robo Capital, Apex. Integration for Lemonsoft.

ProcessWire, PHP, SQL

Finnish eCommerce

A comprehensive and ever-growing list of Finnish online stores (website).

Svelte, Github, Netlify


AEKI offers a free service for buying and selling used and pre-assembled IKEA products (website).

ProcessWire, PHP

Magic Tricks Revealed

Wanted to share my love to magic and give you the power to perform magic beyond belief and make you the life of any party (website).

ProcessWire, PHP, AMP HTML