Timo Anttila

Timo Anttila

Full Stack Web Developer, photographer and sea adventurer from Nokia, Finland. Making websites for a living and amuse people as a hobby.

My name is Timo Anttila. I'm a full stack web developer, entrepreneur, and budding blogger from Nokia, Finland. Working at digital agency Tuspe Design Oy building highly customized websites and services.

Since beginning my journey as an entrepreneur almost five years ago, I've done remote work for businesses, developed hundreds of customer projects, and created a booking calendar and own e-commerce platform. Currently working as a subcontractor for several companies, and learning more about Svelte.

My goal, in professional life, is creating easy to use and fast loading websites with beautiful themes, and giving customers feeling that they got a lot more than what they originally ordered.


Most of my work is front-end development and styling. Using my own frameworks or writing things from scratch.

Front-End Tools:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Svelte
  • JQuery


I usually use CMS and a bit of PHP code for back-end, but nowadays I'm also studying other technologies and tools.

Back-End Tools:

  • PHP
  • SQL / SQLite
  • CMS
  • NodeJS
  • Express