I've created hundreds of websites, developed platform for web shops and sports clubs, and reservation system for stables and riders.

I've designed and created websites for several communities and my own needs since 1999. I started to make websites for living in 2014 when Molentum Oy hired me. A couple of years later, in 2016, I founded my own company Tuspe and nowadays I work full time through Tuspe for Molentum. Time to time I do some projects for Dataline (web shops and sport platforms) and develop Ratsukko booking system for SatuMo Oy.

We have good relationship with the advertising agencies and content providers and we can customize every project according to customer requirements and desires. We provide graphics, website building, maintenance services and guidance how to update content. You don't need to worry about anything.

New website has automatic optimization for search engines and we implement sites with Google's favored Accelerated Mobile Pages technology (AMP HTML). Customer is responsible for the content which plays very important role on website and search engine optimization. Hosting service include website backups and occasional updates.

My specialities are HTML5, CSS3, AMP HTML -mobile optimization technique, PHP and search engine optimization. I also have basic knowlegde of photography, photo editing and video creation. I follow the latest trends from the world, and by that my customers can be the forerunners in their field and communicate in a modern way. My goal is satisfied customers and long customer relationships and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of my projects.

Tuspe Design (2745877-5)
040 774 6121,


Online shops and sports club websites tailored to customer's needs, and we develop our products based on customers feedback.
Payment options include Checkout, Paytrail, Bambora and Klarna.

Web shops

The store platform developed by Tuspe offers comprehensive features for online shopping. We also provide interfaces between the shop and ERP.


Our sport platform is suitable for all kinds of sports clubs and communities. Please feel free to contact us and implement your club-looking site!


Developed in collaboration with restaurants, the online store provides basic functions from ordering food and drinks to order processing and bonus systems.


Ratsukko is a specialized booking system for both riding schools and the riders. The use of Ratsukko saves both time and effort in daily business of the riding schools entrepreneur. For the riders Ratsukko gives a possibility to book the riding lessons and courses easily anytime and any where.

In the use of Ratsukko have been taken into account the practical actions and needs of the customers when booking and canceling hours. It is easy for the riding school entrepreneur to manage and update the contents of the booking calendar wherever and whenever, and forget time consuming calls, emails and other messages.

Ratsukko is a registered trademark of Satumo Oy. Tuspe Design is responsible for technical implementation, development and maintenance.