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How to create a simple popup

Simple PHP / JavaScript popup created for Drupal but can be used with any platform. Popup works only once and again after the cookie is cleared.

Parse an XML document with PHP5

A simple PHP script which can store an XML document as a file to the server and use it for the website. Replaces file older than 24 hours.


How to parse an XML Flickr feed

This simple XML Flickr feed parser fetch newest photos and show them with links and thumbnails.

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The 10 most common mistakes with PHP

Are you guilty of one of these common PHP mistakes? Refer to this list next time you’re debugging PHP code.


Add images to Drupal Views Search Page

Drupal Views is a powerful tool for all kind of mixed results but how to add images to Views' Page when url have "?". Blocks can't help, but PHP can.


Drupal Commerce: Apply taxes after discount

Drupal Commerce is an open source eCommerce framework. This tutorial fixes the VAT + Sale Prices problem for Checkout and Commerce Email.


Flickr photo albums on ProcessWire

A tutorial how to set up Flickr photo galleries on ProcessWire. I modified Sergio's photo downloading script and made Photobox effect for galleries.

How to create a simple contact form

HTML Forms are one of the main points of interaction between a user and a web site. This tutorial teaches you how to make one.

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