Municipal elections 2021, Nokia

Hello and welcome to visit me.

I am a full-time entrepreneur, and I work through three companies. I design and create websites, online stores and online applications for businesses.

I have lived in many Finnish cities, abroad for a year, and two summers on the boat, but only after moving to Alhoniitty in the autumn of 2020 I found a place that really feels like home. I fell in love with Nokia.

Political life?

I actively follow political debates and articles and participate in the debate on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

I’m a little worried about Finland’s political direction, so I want to be making sure that Nokia’s decision-makers listen to the people of the community and make decisions only for their benefit. Resources and money are limited, so it is very important to use them wisely for our common good.

My decisions and opinions are always based on facts, numbers and real impact to community. The overall picture and impact must be known before decisions are made and must be in the best interests of the community.

I want to be influential in what kind of municipality we live in and what kind of future we leave for children and young people. Change starts with you and me, brave individuals who dare to make an impact. I want to be building a just, equal, safe and comfortable society for all.

Let’s work together for a better policy across party lines!

Election promises?

The well-being of local community and the operating environment of companies are important to me.

Entrepreneurs and Dunners

Entrepreneurship is the municipality’s most important resource and we must create the best possible operating and development environment for companies in the future. Smoother local agreement and easier employment. I support remote work when possible. Want to be actively developing and exploring new employment opportunities, as well as developing young people’s work trials and internships in companies.


Everyone has the right to adequate social and health services at a reasonable time and price, and preferably as close as possible. Even without urgency, one need to get treatment for a week. Online meetings when possible.

Financial and investment information for young people

Nowadays, my favorite topic is investing and I would have liked to know about the opportunities it brings at a young age. I want to save modern youth from that ignorance.

Educational institutions should provide the best knowledge for life, so better finance and investment knowledge should be made at least optional. Similar experiments are already underway in some schools at the moment.

Investing is everyone’s right and getting started doesn’t require a lot of capital. It can be one of the best solutions for a young person.

Remember to vote

Remember that municipal elections are person elections. We are allowed to vote freely on municipal matters without party discipline. It is important to have decision-makers who do not primarily pursue political ideology but want our best. When the citizens and the companies operating in the municipality are well, we can think about how to save the rest of the world.

My number is 2, but no matter who is your choice, be sure to vote. You can only make the future better by voting correctly.

Timo Anttila

Timo Anttila

Verkkosivustoihin ja -kauppoihin erikoistunut yrittäjä meidän yhteisellä asialla. Vuosien kokemus yritysten hallitustyöskentelystä ja asiakaspalvelusta. Seuraan aktiivisesti politiikkaa enkä pelkää kertoa mielipiteitäni. Päätökset teen loogisesti perustuen numeroihin ja faktoihin eikä aatteisiin. Äänestä numeroa 2!