Entrepreneur and worker in our common cause. Experience in running companies, board work and customer service. Actively follow politics and not be afraid to share my own views.

Want to be sure that Nokia’s municipal councilors listens to the opinions of the people and does things in the interests of the people. Resources and money are limited, so those must be used wisely for the benefit of local residents, for the benefit of us all, and for securing and developing the operating environment for companies. Only when local residents and companies are well, can we think about other political themes.

Important things for me are the availability of basic municipal services at a reasonable price, affordable housing and taxation, the hobbies and future of young people, and securing the operating environment for companies and easier employment for the unemployed.

I want to act as a genuine voice for local residents and bring municipal policy closer to local residents. In addition to voting, I would like to develop interaction and I’m open to hear what exactly would you like to develop in Nokia or generally in Finland.

I don’t have great political themes but decisions are always made based on facts, numbers and real impact. The overall picture and impact must be known before decisions are made and it must be in the best interests of the residents. Politics cannot be made with themed eyes regardless of how the decisions really affect the lives of the residents.

I want to be influential in what kind of world, in what kind of municipality we live in and what kind of future we leave to young people. Change starts with brave individuals and change happens when there are enough of them. I want to be building a just, equal, safe and comfortable society for all.

You can make a difference by voting!