Timo Anttila | Full Stack Developer, photographer and sea adventurer

Timo Anttila

"Living, learning, & leveling up one day at a time."


Eurajoki, Finland

Professional title:

Full Stack Developer
Chief Executive Officer
Server Administrator

Professional life:

I'm a full stack web developer who is passionate about making websites better, faster and easy to update. Technologies I enjoy working with include Svelte, PHP and SQL.

Always want to surpass myself and my customers. When the customer feels they have received more than they originally ordered, I succeeded.

  • Designing and developing experiences that make people's lives simpler.
  • Working at Tuspe Design Oy as a full stack developer and developing its business as a owner.
  • Subcontractor for Molentum Oy.
  • Developing a booking calendar Ratsukko for SatuMo Oy.
  • Partner and CEO at Dataline Group Oy.
  • Participating in the open source revolution on Github.

Personal life:

  • Learning how to live a real life.
  • Interested in artificial intelligence, the wonders of technology, and human behavior.
  • Sea adventurer in the summer (Sailing Yatch Guyline 822).
  • Photographing all kinds of beautiful on Ello and Instagram.
  • Proud father of two pets; border collie Deli and cat Sera.
  • An avid visitor to all public events and involved in creating them.
  • Investing in stocks and funds.


  • Finnish, English
  • PHP, JavaScript, Svelte, JQuery


+358 40 774 6121

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Now page is a place to tell where my focus is right now in my professional and personal life. If activities or priorities change, I'll update this page accordingly.
Inspired by nownownow project.