Lumo - Love at first sight

My first sailing boat. Luckily, Guyline 822 is a very good example of a good boat design and space solution. Beautiful inside and out.
Timo Anttila

I saw S/Y Lumo (Guyline 822, 1990) for the first time in the Naantali Guest Harbor. I didn't pay much attention to the boat when I looked it outside, but after talking to the owner, I decided to explore the interior. He was selling both his boats to buy a newer and bigger boat.

As soon as I stepped into the boat, I was amazed by the bright and well-designed salon. A large window on the roof where you can see the sky and three smaller windows on the sides. The boat would not need to use any lights in the summer time. The blue sofas surround the center of the folding table. The corner points of the sofa are straight enough to provide a moderate ergonomic opportunity for work. Under the mast, a metal tube passing through the table should work in the future as a cat scratching tree.

The Captain's bedroom is located at the back of the boat. The sleeping area in the middle, the sides for the goods and there is a big window. Enough space for three to sleep, but optimally for two. The engine (1990) is positioned below the stairs in the salon, so the smell of Diesel does not interfere with sleeping. There is space for the goods under the mattresses and small cabinet. I thought I would fill the cabinet with pet foods, because it's too small for my jackets or shirts.

The sunroof brings light to the bow cabin and there is room for one or two sleepers. Goods can be put on shelves or under mattresses. There is also a water tank under the mattress.

The boat is equipped with a Wallas-Marin 2400 heater that heats the salon and back bedrooms. Of course, Kerosene is pretty expensive, so I don't have money for keeping it running 24/7. I dreamed about the electric heater..

The galley has a three-flame Eno gas stove with oven, and a sink with fresh and sea water taps. The original cold box has been re-insulated and connected to an efficient refrigerator. There is also a small freezer compartment. Above the galley levels and the oven, there are doorway storage cabinets for food, spices and cutlery. The coatings on the surfaces at the table, in turkey boards and on other levels have been renewed along the way. A gas guard is placed under the oven.

On the opposite side of the galley is a map table with space for supplies and charts under the cover. A 2-battery system is located behind the door that opens under the table. There is storage space above the instrument panel and against the toilet.

Guyline 822 is a boat that was originally designed by Finnish boat designer Guy Lönngren, but the boat plans and the rights were sold to a Danish company which made small improvements to the boat. Lumo was manufactured in 1990 in Denmark.

I wanted it so badly

After the tour, I went back to work, but I couldn't forget Lumo and I dreamed about it every day for a week. My financial situation was not great and I couldn't get a loan from the banks, but when I decided to something I will do it no matter what. I was ready to take a very expensive loan from a foreign bank, but fortunately my guardian angel came with whom we made a cheap financing agreement. I had money for the boat.

On May 31, 2019, the boat owner changed. I was officially the owner of Lumo. My boat, my home. We had sailed earlier with this boat, so I knew about how the boat behaved and how to use the sails. I knew little, only the basics. I had no previous sailing experience, so these two trips and all the tips he told me were very important for the future. I also got a lot of useful stuff, fuel, iPad 2 and a dinghy.

On Tuesday, June 4, I left alone for my first sailing trip. The goal was to get from Naantali to Rauma.. Remember to subscribe to Instagram if you want to keep track of what is happening in my life and where I am going.

About the boat

Model Guyline 822, 1990
Registration X-16344
Body material Reinforced plastic
Steering system Tiller
Length 9,22 m
Width 2,95 m
Mast height 13,20 m
Draught 1,3 - 1,95 m
Weight 3 500 kg
Beds 5
Owners 4