Religious Research

Welcome to read a blog about religious teachings on various topics. The purpose is to study religions together and not sell a particular religion to you.

Religious Research

Battle of god is a blog about religious teachings on various topics.

I have always been interested in human behavior and the influence of religions on the world. I would also like to know why at some events in Christianity people are so happy, jumping and dancing. What makes a person so full of joy?

For years I was a believer, but I didn't experience such immense joy in my life. Over the years, I found that I was jealous of those happy people. I wanted to fill myself of that joy too, but I never found a way to do that. And the sinfulness of Christianity had been always very strong in my mind. They teach that god will forgive everything, but I felt a very deep and crushing sinfulness in my life that ultimately made me decide to go out on my own. I replaced the pain with freedom, I broke the chains. Slave and master - that was not for me.

But I also experienced a lot of good things during my 11 years of faith. I had a lot of friends, we had a lot of events and traveled around the country. We also attended a big summer event in Keuruu every year. Many of the best memories of my life are from that time.

Now, years later, I again received a terrible need to find something bigger than my own pitiful life. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but I have a very strong desire to do research on what religions say about death, which led to the idea of ​​this blog - what religions teach different things and what kind of glorious experiences they give believers.

I have seen marvelous things which I can't explain rationally. People tell how prayer has healed them and they even have testimonies from doctors. But if these miraculous healings really happen, then why isn't social media full of pictures and videos of them? Are these cases just an illusion? I was young and naive, but now I demand real proof of miracles.

I understand that believing in faith can save a person from drugs and other bad things, it's just his / her mind which makes him / her stronger. The human mind is a very powerful tool and religions are very strong motivators. People can get rid of drugs or cure themselves from some sickness, even without faith, but faith makes the decision more stable and stronger, so in a way god saves him / her. Does it really matter then if god is real or not?

But the gifts of Christianity? How can we logically explain those? There may be several people in the church who speak a strange language. But I can develop new words by speaking what comes to mind. Anyone can speak an unknown language that does not even exist. How can we know what the truth is? Sometimes a strange language is interpreted by another prayer, but is his / her words from god or just something that comes to mind? I've seen comedians interpret each other in the same way, but they are usually not so confident and decisive than believers.

How can we know if a prayer is speaking god's words or not? I believe that they really think that they speak words of god, but that does not make it true in real life. I definitely want to interview some of those people and find out what they feel when they use their gifts.

What is the truth and do other religions have such gifts?

I want to study all the major religions with complete impartiality and an open mind, but still trying to find a logical explanation. The human mind is strong and can work miracles, so are the wonders of religions really the power of the mind or the true power of god? I try to do as much research as possible on religions and their histories, using articles from the Internet, books from the library, and interviewing representatives of religions. The truth is out there and I'll find it! Hope we all learn something new during this study.

Do you want to be involved? I'd like to talk to volunteer believers before each new article. I want to hear your story and talk to you about your god. Contact me by email if you are interested in cooperation.

Thank you for participating in this journey and the blessing of your god for you.